The 5th Annual 12 Days of Christmas starts 12/14/2021!
Hello [fname],

Jason Wise is hosting the 5th Annual 12 Days of Chistmas at the "For You" family of sites.

He is giving away over $450 to show his appreciation for the support the sites have gotten in 2021.

Both FAFY & VMFY have grown this year, and they are still the only 2 mailers in the industry that deliver double digit CTR% for members every day.

I use both sites daily because they deliver targeted traffic to my sites and give me the opportunity to reach the kind of people I want joining my business.

I encourage you to join me and many other happy members at both sites today.

Happy Holidays!

Chuck MacLellan

PS>>>> Become an active member and I will give you 20k credits. Upgrade to gold and I will give you 200k credits in FAFY

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