What good is zero-cost advertising?

There is a saying that goes something like this.

If you don't advertise you won't sell anything.

You have to get your offers seen if you want to make sales.

Some people think I will place my ads at a few sites a day and then do some fun things with my family.

That's a nice formula if all you want to do is to earn a few extra bucks a week.

This formula used to work many years ago but it doesn't work so well now.

These days you need to advertise everywhere you can, in as many places as you can.

Now there's a convenient place where you can display your ads at multiple sites, and make money by simply promoting one URL.

You can even email your offers to 78,000 active members. Make sure you read the OTO page to see how to access this mailer.

Go straight to
and start getting the results you need.

Eric Tarter

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