Let me show you how I blast my ads to over 554,887 in minutes
Hi [fname],

Many marketers spend HOURS a day logging into traffic sites,
clicking ads, all just to post their ad to promote their offer or

Logging into just 1 site, submitting your ad, passing the frame-
break checker, then posting the next type of ad with the same
routine. It can take well over 5 minutes to post 1 solo ad, 1 banner,
1 button ad, and 1 text link.

How long does it take you to post those 4 ad types to 217 traffic
sites??? Let’s just say you’re pretty fast, and can post 4 ads
within 5 minutes per site. That’s 1085 minutes, or just a hair over
18 hours.

Now I do it in 5 minutes from just 1 location! MasterSafelistBlaster!

Dave Mosher just launched it on July 1st, and MasterSafelistBlaster
allows me to submit my ads to 217 sites with over 335k+ combined
members, all within about 5 minutes. Which frees me up to other things
to promote my business.

I hear Dave has a few more sites to add yet, which will increase the combined
member count to over 350k+. You need to try this awesome, new resource!


Linda Paulk
Marketing Conusltant
Skype: lindahpaulk

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