You are invited to join-our-team from Jane
You are invited to join-our-team from Jane

Hi [fname]

So... as many of you know...

I am not overly fond of matrixes. I never know quite
what to do with them but...

I am known for getting on leaders boards a time or two so...

I would like to invite you onto my team for a site that
may turn out to be terrific or a dud but...

It is totally f-ree to join now so let's build a team
together and find out what is what down the road.

I do know one thing.
This site is about leads

All you need to do is to say once to me...
"The product will be leads" and I'll take a look see.

I think you should take a look see too just in case
it turns out they are offering good leads.

Plus you will end up on my team
I have been known to be a pretty good promoter

So why not take a chance?
It costs you nothing, nada, not a penny

The site is called We Got Friends
I like to call it Friends in High Places:)

Hop on board
What do you have to lose?

Sign up here>>>>

Go get um

Jane Mark

Special Offer:-Hop on my team.

Let me know you signed up under me and I will put
1 million no-cost ad-credits into your 1StopProfits account .

That will let you promote your own sites or this one
for a long time at 1StopProfits and that's a great start.

If you are already a member of 1StopProfits, shoot
me your full name and the username at WeGotFriends that
you used to sign up under me and...

I will add the 1 million no-cost ad-credits to your account.

Email me at

If you are not a member of 1StopProfits, sign up
f-ree here to collect your 1 million no cost ad-credits.

Friends In High Places,Join Jane and Phil,Join Jane Mark and Phil Basten at We Got Friends,Join our We Got Friends Team

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