See Why I Want To Be Your Sponsor In CLIQLY?
My name is Barry Washinsky and I would love to be your sponsor or training coach for CLIQLY!  I will always be honest about this program and will give you my results since I have been a member since 5 July 2023.

First of all this is a REAL BUSINESS and needs to be treated as such.  They give you a FREE trial period that includes 5000 subscribers along with many mailing credits to show you how you make money daily and at the same time having your subscribers list grow daily!

Once you use up all the mailing credits you then need to decide if you want to upgrade for $97.00.  HOWEVER before you upgrade PLEASE watch all the training videos that will teach/show you how you will continue to make PROFIT.  

Also if you refer/sponsor someone like I am for you and they/you upgrade for $97.00 you get that profit!  
The goal is for you to make profit daily by watching the training videos!  

Before you can transfer your profits into your bank account you need a threshold of $300.00.

Below are my results just spending out of pocket of $97.00 and nothing else!  I will reinvest my profits back into this business! This is the only program time that I am making profit from and I have been trying to make money from home for many years and ashamed to say how many. 

Commission paid history
Date: 2023-07-28
Total Clicks: 1527
CPA + Referral Commissions: $275.35
Commissions Paid: $427.65

Below is my current earnings as of 5 PM on 9 August 23! It keeps growing daily!
Total clicks 1338 for total earnings of #133.80.

Barry Washinsky

PS: My subscribers list that I got 5000 for free is up to 20,004.

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