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iosBio have developed a covid19 vaccine in a pill and it been reported the vaccine “shows complete protection of airways”


“clears infection within days in 100% of vaccinated non-human primates” (See all the reports below EVERYTHING)

WOW. Not 70%, Not 95%, But 100%!

Plus, iosBio takes another step closer to FDA approval and 20 people have now taken the pill in clinical trials in the USA.

If this gets approved, The potential upside for shareholders is mind boggling.

Trails are also due to start in South Africa soon.

Even if iosBio was only worth just 1% compared to the big pharma companies, We calculate 60 shares in iosBio could be worth around £9,000 GBP ($12,500 USD).

Conclusion: Get as many of these as possible, NOW.

There is also an option to get more just by telling a friend or family member who would not want to get these.

Check out the full details below and see for yourself the UK-TV reports, news-sites, patents, and scientific data below.

ImmunityBio has also signed an exclusive worldwide licensing agreement for IosBio's OraPro vaccine platform technology

So now its up to you, But this is the final week as it ends next weekend

Looking Forward to a very, very exciting year and hopefully you also if you get on board


Mick & Paul

Basically, This is how to become a Dragon or a Shark like the TV shows....But this is for the normal people like us, But you need to act fast.

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