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More Brilliant news!

We might be able to beat COVID19 even sooner than we think... With a Pill

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Not only that there has been BREAKING NEWS this week

ImmuityBio have signed an exclusive worldwide licensing deal (details below)

All the info has been widely reported in many news out lets (details below)

This Pill is a GAME CHANGER and you can get 60 SHARES in iosBio Ltd (the company in the video).

This is how to become a Dragon or a Shark from the TV shows....But this is for the normal peeps like us



1) 70% of the world needs vaccinating in the next 12 months = 5.1 billion people.

2) If iosBio gets just 1/10th of the global market, that's 510 million pills sold.

3) If each pill sells for £5 = £2.5billion sales.

4) At 25x sales revenue, iosBio would be a £62.5 BILLION company. (currently valued at c. £35 million)

That could be an increase of 17,850% i.e. 60 shares today could be worth £16,065
(this is NOT a guarantee! but definitely a possibility)

Understandably shares are going fast and this will be your a chance to get them.

There is a very limited number of shares available, so don't put this off until later and regret it later in the year.

iosBio takes another step closer to FDA approval and 20 people have now taken the pill in clinical trials. If this gets approved, the potential upside for shareholders is mind-boggling, All reports are below.

So Check out the full details and see for yourself the TV reports, patents and scientific data below.

Conclusion: Get as many of these SHARES as you can, NOW.

Wishing you a very safe, covid free, day

Mick & Paul


You dont need any skills, Let the club pros do it for you and sit back and enjoy the ride. Plus there is an option to get more shares but only till end of the month then it's closed for ever.

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